Untitled 10/2003

This day started out much different than the last
No construction to traverse, nary a thunderhead in the sky
Goddamn 85 down the turnpike is fun
From your first, “Oh shiiiiiiit” as we glided through that corkscrew
Then gazing at our goofy faces at the end of the ride’s camera shot
I knew I was becoming hooked.

Watching you eat with such gusto for cheese pizza
You seem to devour all life with that same gusto
Devouring my will to not fall too fast
Your penchant for laughter with the slightest of ease
Your sorted observations about that which we normally don’t give second glance
In your air of uniqueness I find a breath of familiarity.

I’m thinking of you this evening, picturing you at your drawing table.
Your heart ablaze with such emotion, your page ablaze with such color.
And in the madness of pen strokes and brush strokes before you
I pray there’s room on your palette for me.

For as you can see my dear Aaron,
You’re abounding in my words.

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