Untitled 9/2003

There was a hard rain as I left
A sudden deluge really, thick sheets
I thought to myself, “This can’t be good.”
Still I drove on.

The two lane road leading out, reduced to one for construction
Delayed 15 minutes, “Oh this is nice, it never seems to end I tell ya.”
Still, I drove on.

I went through many pockets of rain, all the way there
Some a mere mist, others still the thick sheets
But of course, I drove on.

As I reached my exit, the rain stopped
The sun shone through with its glorious radiance
As if to let me know I made it through the storm
Salvation was here, finally right before me.

It was then that I realized this perfect metaphor for my life,
Had been laid out before me this night.
I’ve driven for so long and through so many storms
And maybe, just maybe, I had finally reached the end of their grasp.

For where the sun shone through, you too waited.

Though it’s too soon to know if the storms have all been weathered
You’ve given me hope for brighter days ahead.

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