I Meant to do That

I’ve been recovering the past severl days from surgery, feels good to be sitting here, thinking about these words and typing something on the screen. I’m sure one of the hardest things for any of us to do is commiting to something and maintaining that commitment until we transform it into a habit.

Perhaps it’s more accurate to say it’s one of the hardest things to do when you are commited with intent. For several years, I didn’t intend to treat my body unhealthily, it was a by-product of the intention to socialize more. That’s the rub where any habit is concerned. It’s agnostic to our value system. Our assessment of whether or not they’re good for us after the fact doesn’t change what it is.

I find myself thinking about that now and how it relates to writing as a habit. In my case, I am focusing on commitment with intent. Many of us, myself included until this post, might consider habits and rituals to be synonumous. A habit forms when we do something so repeatedly we almost needn’t think about doing it when finding ourselves in an environment or situation similar to one where the habit was formed.

Makes writing sound like a habit to me, ot at least it did. The mechanics of manipulating the writing imstrument to produce wordson our medium; that’s the habit. Setting up time each day to browse the posts in our brain’s media platform and then share our own content, that’s ritual. Hope you enjoy this post, from my brain’s app, currently in beta.

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