What’s the Matter?

adjective, vast·er, vast·est.
of very great area or extent; immense

I was commenting on another post and felt inspired to write my own based on that comment. I wrote about how I like to watch non-fiction, science based shows; especially about space. It’s mind boggling when you consider the infinitesimal amount of matter that makes up who you are in comparison to what’s left over for the rest of the universe.

Neil deGrasse-Tyson has an amazing way of explaining this, with credit to Carl Sagan.

To summarize, here’s the Universe, Earth, then you.

Perhaps at this point you may find yourself thinking, “Hey man, I matter. STFU.” Here’s the funny thing, I agree with you 100%. Science literally defines what we are, when we are, and where. It can attribute to but does not define who we are. Your actions make this declaration for you. How then can we make this declaration? How do we say to anyone out there, “I was here. I was more than just the space I occupied and the volume I possessed.”

Macro level recognition requires micro level mindfulness. One doesn’t shove an entire sandwich down their gullet in a fell swoop (at least I hope not) you take bites. When you act, act with intention. Consider what you’re about to do or say. Will my action bring me gratification? Is that gratification satiating a need, or merely satisfying a want? Am I causing harm and if so, is that harm avoidable? If not, why? Be it an angel in the snow, or ass grooves on a seat cushion, the impression you leave behind is yours for the making.

Recast yourself as a planet. The people, places, and objects you interact with regularly are all within your solar system. Everything and everyone else, your galaxy. Earth, our universe. Your perspective is one of the few things you truly have control over. It can be influenced and is always malleable, but only you can shape its form. Everything you do, or don’t do, has an effect. Allow your perspective to be the narrative which shapes how and where you are in someone else’s universe.

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