Persistence is Futile

If you’re a Trek fan, then of course the title is an homage. If you aren’t a
Trek fan, you can follow along and still get the theme. I just finished
watching my local (Orlando, FL) morning news broadcast and one piece was about
the president still refusing to concede and how many Republican elected
officials are speaking out in supporting him inj this decision. Worry not, this
post isn’t about politics.

Wash away any reference to specific people or circumstances as mentioned
above and we’re left with someone still fighting against ever increasing odds
against them, to achieve an improbable outcome.

You’re standing in front of a large object which impedes your progression
towards reaching your destination. You shout mightily, yet the behemoth remains
stead-fast and unyielding. Will you continue your vocal assault, only giving up
when your throat becomes a tinderbox of glowing embers? When that happens, what
next? Are you going to sheath your voice and begin pummeling with your fists?

What if you resisted that urge to defeat an obstacle by fighting against it?
Perseverance is a powerful ally, but often appears with obstinacy waving the banner
of belligerence. Call to arms your perseverance, but command temperance and
malleability to also join. With counsel such as this, you’ll quickly find the
easiest way to move forward is to move around, then proceed along your way.

Some of you may think, but what if it’s a cliff and you can’t go around?
What if I think this is just another example of a writer speaking in flourished
platitudes? Both perfectly valid, but you’re missing the point.

What I am saying is while the collective (family, society, government)
generally has good intentions and promotes us to be both responsible consumers
and efficient producers, achievement through groupthink can sometimes lead to harmful rather than helpful behavior. If you want something bad enough, if you try hard
enough, if it’s meant to be; hogwash, the entire lot of it. Recognize,
research, react, repeat. That’s repeat, as in repeat the process of recognize,
research, and react.

It may sound cold or clinical, but an analytic process should be. It doesn’t
leave your life bereft of emotions, rather it allows you to experience them
amplified with a sense of clarity.

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