5 Minute Mind – Reminders

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

Since the weather in Orlando has changed, temporarily at least, to open window weather, I turned off the ceiling fan in my bedroom. Upon the finishing of the blades movement, I could see each one carrying its very own herd of dust bullafo.

After being embarrassed for all of oh, maybe 1.3 seconds, I said to myself “you need to remind yourself to clean those regularly.” I still have yet to set the reminder, because it made me think of writing about setting reminders. I thought I should probably create a follow-up reminder to the first reminder about cleaning the blades, because I have a tendency to tell myself things like that, to create reminders, but then I pout them off.

If I were a superhero, my name would be The Procrastinator. Able to postpone tasks in a single bound! I imagine I would have some type of power or lazier beams that could create a snooze or remind me in n minutes button. I’ll have to remind myself to create.

I read a blurb not too long ago that simply said if its something you can do in 5 minutes then you sjholld just go ahead and do it then. I’ll remind myself to look that back up later, whn I remember to set remin

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