Transgender Day of Rememberance

Character is power. – Booker T. Washington

Our transgender family and friends who so valiantly live their truth for all to see demonstrate the power of their character. Every. Single. Day.

During my Toastmasters meeting yesterday, one of the speakers discussed how racism and stereotyping had left an indelible mark. One thing he said, “How would you feel if you did not belong?” still rings in my ears this morning.

As a gay person, I know this feeling all too well. His subjective character of non-belonging is one which, unlike myself, cannot be hidden; his ethnicity.

When thinking about today’s special meaning, transgender people who walk out that door or join that online meeting already know the litany of stares and snide remarks they expose themselves to every time. Yet, they still open that door or click that button to join. The immense power their character yields casts a luminescence, protecting their spirit.

The evil of humankind may take their corporeal form, but their indomitable spirit lives on. We remember those taken from this world and pay homage to that spirit today.

Photo by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash
Photo by Lena Balk on Unsplash

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