Thanks in Spanx

Greetings my fellow Americans. It’s that day again, when we celebrate that most American of traditions, gluttony! Time to fill up on the turkey and trimmings, actually I prefer fixins, but I digress. Thanksgiving is always a time to remember and create new stories. I’d like to share one of mine with you now.

When I was with my ex, I had dinner with his family this one particular year. Being that they are from Trinidad, there was a lot of Trini food (delicious, BTW). Because of the oil, rum, sun, and sand, Trinidad is not stranger to things American, including the people. Still, I wanted to make something traditional and thought green bean casserole would fill that role rather nicely.

Upon entering the kitchen in his sister’s house, the immediate smells and sites had my mouth watering and belly hankering. Maybe it was the hunger, but I did feel a bit of discomfort, overpowered by a wave of trepidation as I laid my casserole to end all casseroles on the table. After feasting, I checked what was left and I kid you not, that casserole was demolished! During the main digestion break, I literally ( in the literal sense), had people ask me how to make this. Sensing a triumph, I was more than obliged to share.

In retrospect, I suppose comfort food like that has the ability to transcend culture. As if to proclaim, we may not come from the same place, but my flavors will still remind you of home and belonging.

This Thanksgiving, I am relishing in that thought. I am spending it alone this year so I look to others as they share today, and they/you are my comfort foods. I ask anyone reading this, if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with others, please do this party of one a favor. Be it your roomie, partner, friend, or spouse, look at them. Be it your overbearing parents or from another planet grandparents, look at them. Be it your sibling who still to this day knows how to aggravate you in that special way, look at them. If your Uncle Frank who won’t stop talking about how the election was stolen, or your Aunt Roberta who swears she saw the little green men are there, look at them too.

Forget about the fights and annoyances, forget about whom isn’t speaking with whom, and certainly forget about how the stuffing tastes different this year. Behold the love that is there with you today. Let your heart reverberate with joy and laughter, as you burp to make room for more Green Bean Casserole.

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