5 Minute Mind – If I can do it…

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

maybe its just me, but something inside my brain gets angry when I hear “if I can do it anyone can.” To me, it’s as if you are saying “I had it harder than anyone, or no one was more ill-prepared than me” therefore me doing it infers it will be easier for you.

I’m sorry, what gives you the right to make that inference? Is this one of those things we’ve become so accustom to saying we just add it to the current case-in-oint?

I have to think that people intend it to come from a place of self deprication, trying to set your mind at ease by saying it was harder, but it still seems to me to come off kinda….I dont know, on the sly.

Like when someone says “Oh bless your heart” they mean “Oh, you poor idiot.” THen what do I know? Whatever it is, if I know it then anyone can..

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