5 Minute Mind – Make It

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

In one of the numeros imaginary conversations I have with a friend everyday, all within my head mind you, I thought about time. This friend is the type of person (this part IRL) who cannot seem to find the time to do anything which might be construed as extra. What I mean by that is this friend has a pattern and if something deviates or rather will force them to deviate, then it goes into the “maybe some day” pile when they find time.

I too have fallen down this same rabbit hole in the past, and still sometimes find myself looking for the rope to climb out, but have learned a valuable lesson in life. This lesson, is one which I am trying to share with them, numerous times between imagined and reak conversations.

This friend has asked me “how do i find time….” in reference to a number of things, especially when discussing something new I am doing, such as a cklass or new workout. I thought this mnorning, the lesson is “you dont find time, you make it.”

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