inside the lines – 2003

I can remember it from kindergarten….“Try and stay inside the lines, Michael” she would say“Keep it nice and neat; take it home to show your mother.”Now, some 20 odd years later, the color’s still inside those linesAnd I’ve finally come to realize…“I don’t want to color inside the lines anymore, Mrs. StoneThe conformity is killingContinue reading “inside the lines – 2003”

i wish i knew (6/2003)

You tease me, I tease backCould it mean something more?Every time you brush past me, accidentally touch me,I only pray it was really on purpose.People say we argue like a married couple,If only.I want so much to tell you, scream it at youThat when I say those things I mean them.I stare into those eyes,Continue reading “i wish i knew (6/2003)”

i wanna be mad (6/2003)

I walked towards the light at the end of the tunnel,And it burned the shit outta me.I stopped to smell the roses,And I was stung by a bee.Life gave me lemons, I made lemonadeThen dropped the damn pitcher.Get the idea? Sometimes, just leave me alone causeI wanna be in a pissed off, shitty mood.Keep yourContinue reading “i wanna be mad (6/2003)”

battlefield (6/13/2003)

i force a smile and hope that it hidesthe chagrin of my soul.theres a battle inside me, inside us all really. the warring factions ofthe complete and the desolate.each day, my army grows weaker. i valiantly fight them back. yet i am one. i see many battalions around me, complete in their rank and file.Continue reading “battlefield (6/13/2003)”

dreams – 2003

A streaming subconsciousof verseTeaming with theImagesof what’s passedOr what may be.No care foriambicpentameterTrue rhymes or slant rhymesOr pretty couplets all in a row It’s all free verse bay-bee! Dreams are my ghost writer of sortsHow ‘bout yours? Author’s Notes:   the formatting that i wanted didn’t carry over, bah…guess you’ll get the idea

Untitled 10/2003

This day started out much different than the lastNo construction to traverse, nary a thunderhead in the skyGoddamn 85 down the turnpike is funFrom your first, “Oh shiiiiiiit” as we glided through that corkscrewThen gazing at our goofy faces at the end of the ride’s camera shotI knew I was becoming hooked. Watching you eatContinue reading “Untitled 10/2003”

Untitled 9/2003

There was a hard rain as I leftA sudden deluge really, thick sheetsI thought to myself, “This can’t be good.”Still I drove on. The two lane road leading out, reduced to one for constructionDelayed 15 minutes, “Oh this is nice, it never seems to end I tell ya.”Still, I drove on. I went through manyContinue reading “Untitled 9/2003”

Our Villian Enters the Room

Today, I watched The Joker. Within the first few minutes he was assaulted and as I often do when seeing scenes such as this, a deluge of empathetic pain flooded my mind. Survivors of trauma share a kinship through pain. Perhaps knowing the character’s story through the various narratives in existence gave me pause toContinue reading “Our Villian Enters the Room”

Speech 2 – Clay Speech

For the life of me, I couldn’t think of a decent title. Who among us has not seen the movie, Ghost?  I still often forget that I am now of the age where my references can fall into the generational chasm so please just bear with me for a moment.  For those of you whoContinue reading “Speech 2 – Clay Speech”