Persistence is Futile

If you’re a Trek fan, then of course the title is an homage. If you aren’t aTrek fan, you can follow along and still get the theme. I just finishedwatching my local (Orlando, FL) morning news broadcast and one piece was aboutthe president still refusing to concede and how many Republican electedofficials are speaking outContinue reading “Persistence is Futile”

Speech 2 – Clay Speech

For the life of me, I couldn’t think of a decent title. Who among us has not seen the movie, Ghost?  I still often forget that I am now of the age where my references can fall into the generational chasm so please just bear with me for a moment.  For those of you whoContinue reading “Speech 2 – Clay Speech”

Are We Headed Where We’ve Already Been?

Often, we look to our past while walking in the present on our way to our future.  The biggest challenge is making sure you don’t smack into a wall because you aren’t paying attention.  Please welcome our speaker as he shares his thoughts by posing a question, “Are we going where we’ve already been?” WithContinue reading “Are We Headed Where We’ve Already Been?”