What is Art?

(baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more) Sorry, couldn’t resist and yes I know art is not the actual lyric. The word used is love. For my thought today, there is actually a correlation between the two though. Earlier, I was watching a course on creating a basic app using Instagram APIs. IContinue reading “What is Art?”

What’s the Matter?

vastadjective, vast·er, vast·est.of very great area or extent; immense I was commenting on another post and felt inspired to write my own based on that comment. I wrote about how I like to watch non-fiction, science based shows; especially about space. It’s mind boggling when you consider the infinitesimal amount of matter that makes up who youContinue reading “What’s the Matter?”

Post of Many Colors

I am starting to use the Categories feature on my mac to make Finder more efficient. As I stared at the tag preferences, I began to ponder ,”What color does writing feel like to me?” An interesting exercise I thought and became inspired to write about it. Don’t you just love finding writing prompts whenContinue reading “Post of Many Colors”

A Good Lunch, and Then..

I had a wonderful lunch today with a dear friend. A friend with whom I have not spent time since last December. The kind you swap random texts with and the distance between your visits, whether they are moments or months, doesn’t matter. Upon returning to my apartment, the concierge called me asking if aContinue reading “A Good Lunch, and Then..”

Our Villian Enters the Room

Today, I watched The Joker. Within the first few minutes he was assaulted and as I often do when seeing scenes such as this, a deluge of empathetic pain flooded my mind. Survivors of trauma share a kinship through pain. Perhaps knowing the character’s story through the various narratives in existence gave me pause toContinue reading “Our Villian Enters the Room”

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere…

“He doesn’t want supporters, he wants sycophants.” I thought that as I sat down at my desk this morning, the news playing in the background. I don’t want this first post to come from a place of divisiveness, so I’ll save political rantings for another time. Speaking of time, as I gaze backwards about 42Continue reading “Ya Gotta Start Somewhere…”