5 Minute Mind – World Mental Health Day

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors. Dear anxiety, Today is a day of the year that is recognized by WHO to bring awareness to the world aboyut mental health. YOu and I know a thing or two about that, don’t we? I think perhaps you know me better than IContinue reading “5 Minute Mind – World Mental Health Day”


You’ve either had it, caused it, or spent too many waking hours trying to kid yourself into thinking it doesn’t exist for you. Thing is, upon what are we really placing the fear? So much of my life was spent in the pursuit of anything and everything possible to keep my mind distracted. As someoneContinue reading “FOMO”

A Good Lunch, and Then..

I had a wonderful lunch today with a dear friend. A friend with whom I have not spent time since last December. The kind you swap random texts with and the distance between your visits, whether they are moments or months, doesn’t matter. Upon returning to my apartment, the concierge called me asking if aContinue reading “A Good Lunch, and Then..”

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere…

“He doesn’t want supporters, he wants sycophants.” I thought that as I sat down at my desk this morning, the news playing in the background. I don’t want this first post to come from a place of divisiveness, so I’ll save political rantings for another time. Speaking of time, as I gaze backwards about 42Continue reading “Ya Gotta Start Somewhere…”