5 Minute Mind – Coming Out Day

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors. Melinda and Roger knew the day had come. THeir son, alex, was going to come out to them. THey wqere prepared, for they feel that have seen signs along the way. Alex, now 19, was somewhat different than hbis siblings. He was always muychContinue reading “5 Minute Mind – Coming Out Day”

nurture vs nature – 6/2003

Nurture has taught me I cannot desire men, whileNature has taught me to want them.Nurture sends me to hell for this sin, whileNature begs for me to go to him.Nurture wants me to believe, “It’s all in my head”, whileNature begs me to follow my heartNurture demands that I do it their way, whileNature imploresContinue reading “nurture vs nature – 6/2003”

metamorphosis – 2003

So much weight bears down upon you,layer upon layer. You’ve done it to yourself, unable to resist the instinct to cut off the outside world. Necessary however to have done it this way, For without having faced yourself first, You could never have exposed your true form to the world. Emerging from your chrysallis,your faceContinue reading “metamorphosis – 2003”

measure of a man – 2003

I told you father, I came clean at last.Now I’m not a man in your eyes,Can’t be anymore.Man shall not lie with man, ad nauseam. I wish to know then, from youWhat is the measure of a man?Is it how much he can scathe the spirit of his son?If so, you’re a man like noContinue reading “measure of a man – 2003”