Untitled 10/2003

This day started out much different than the lastNo construction to traverse, nary a thunderhead in the skyGoddamn 85 down the turnpike is funFrom your first, “Oh shiiiiiiit” as we glided through that corkscrewThen gazing at our goofy faces at the end of the ride’s camera shotI knew I was becoming hooked. Watching you eatContinue reading “Untitled 10/2003”

Untitled 9/2003

There was a hard rain as I leftA sudden deluge really, thick sheetsI thought to myself, “This can’t be good.”Still I drove on. The two lane road leading out, reduced to one for constructionDelayed 15 minutes, “Oh this is nice, it never seems to end I tell ya.”Still, I drove on. I went through manyContinue reading “Untitled 9/2003”