5 Minute Mind – On the Edge

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors. On the verge, precipice…whatever seems good. i thought about this early this morning as I was considering what i may write about today. in doing so, i reaklized how much i am enjoying these spriunt exercises, and think I am going to make themContinue reading “5 Minute Mind – On the Edge”

5 Minutes With My Mind

Please excuse typos and grammatical errors. This is an exercise focusing on unfettered writing. aaand, go! I was thinking earlier about making this something i do regularly, and what to call it. The title on this post may not be the best, but it sums up what I am focusing on here. THought yesterday afterContinue reading “5 Minutes With My Mind”

Post of Many Colors

I am starting to use the Categories feature on my mac to make Finder more efficient. As I stared at the tag preferences, I began to ponder ,”What color does writing feel like to me?” An interesting exercise I thought and became inspired to write about it. Don’t you just love finding writing prompts whenContinue reading “Post of Many Colors”

I Meant to do That

I’ve been recovering the past severl days from surgery, feels good to be sitting here, thinking about these words and typing something on the screen. I’m sure one of the hardest things for any of us to do is commiting to something and maintaining that commitment until we transform it into a habit. Perhaps it’sContinue reading “I Meant to do That”